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What I Only Wish I Had Learned…

I have spent the past week blissfully on vacation before school starts next Tuesday – and the accompanying trainings, meetings, and organizing are in full swing this week. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by everything there is to do! The … Continue reading

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New Year Goal

From the New Blogger Initiative Week One options: Meetings are starting up. School is revving up. You are teeming with ideas (which is why we’re doing this Blogging Initiation now). What is one goal you have for the first week of school (or “had,” if … Continue reading

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Folder Storage

Problem:  My new classroom has a lot of big, bare walls and NOT a lot of storage space.  I’ve solved some of that problem by procuring a collection of bookcases (three already in the classroom, one from a friend who … Continue reading

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Classroom Emergency

Although I’m about to start my first full-time teaching job, I’ve been in the classroom for two years now (one year of student teaching, one year of a 0.2 FTE at one school and half-day maternity/sick leave subbing at another), … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

Location: In my car, driving from my morning school to my afternoon school. Time: Approximately noon, the day following my first ever official interview for a teaching position. Also, the day before the last day of the 2011-2012 school year. … Continue reading

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