(In Mrs. Weasley’s Voice): Where HAVE YOU BEEN?

I’ve been busy! Very busy! I now have two years under my belt at the school mentioned in my previous posts, and am gearing up for a third year. I looped with my students the past two years, teaching first sixth grade math (and a 6th/7th combined math support class) and then seventh grade math (and a 6th grade combined math/reading support class with a reading teacher).

This year, I’m looping back down to sixth grade and am currently scheduled to teach three 6th grade math classes, one 6th grade math/reading support class, and one 7th grade math/reading support class.

The big news now is that we have a brand-new curriculum! I was on the adoption team last year and it was an interesting process, and I’m very excited about the materials we chose. A bit nervous, really, but I think it will go well.  We will be using Core Focus on Math, and I can not say enough good things about our experiences with it so far (especially compared to our other options).

I still have no curriculum for the support classes but as I move closer and closer to true Standards-Based-Grading, it gets easier to plan, and I do have the benefit of having ten bright shiny new computers in my classroom, which students will use to work through personalized learning progressions on ALEKS and complete other assignments.

Speaking of my classroom – it’s brand new. The whole building is! We are all looking forward to working out the kinks of a new building but not at all sure how things will go the first week, since our enrollment is way up and classes are being added as we speak.  Fun times for all!

With a brand new curriculum, and starting over again with 6th graders, my goal this year is to shift to grading assessments from a truly standards-based perspective. I’m giving myself some flexibility in implementation and am really looking forward to it!

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