Sixth grade math teacher – plus math support class with some of my students who need a little extra practice.

Transitioning to the Common Core, learning a new curriculum, figuring out standards-based grading and dabbling with lots of new ideas.



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  1. Jake Byrnes says:


    As a proponent of math education in the United States, we would love your help to promote our nationwide math competition by blogging or posting about it on your blog.

    As you probably already know, despite the fact that the US spends the most money on education per capita, our students are ranked 25th globally for math proficiency. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to improving that statistic. MATHCOUNTS’ third annual “ Math Video Challenge” is a math competition for 6th to 8th graders that encourages student innovation as they create and star in their own math videos, thus exciting them to pursue higher education in math.

    As the webmaster of your amazing blog, Making Paper Airplanes, we are asking you to help support this effort by mentioning us in your next blog post or promoting our logo with a link to the site. So far this contest has gathered over 500 submissions and millions of views on the videos. Our goal this year is this year is to do even better. With your help, we are confident we will reach this goal!

    For more information on MATHCOUNTS or the Math Video Challenge, please visit our webpages at mathcounts.org and the video on http://videochallenge.mathcounts.org/

    Thank you!

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