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I am behind the times here, having just read the book How Children Succeed.I was struck by the emphasis on grit and perseverance.  I had some kind of vague ideas about these things being important, and talk with my students … Continue reading

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Integer Operations – why???

In my support classes, I’m trying to focus on standards this year – helping students understand what a standard means, how to study to address a standard and what it looks like to meet standard.  In my 7th grade support … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Down

We are two weeks in to the new school year and I’m giving my first properly graded assessment today. I’m not really satisfied with it, from a standards-based perspective, but I hope it will do a good job of capturing … Continue reading

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Interesting Quirks

Our new building has some interesting quirks, one of which is this beautiful grassy area. It is placed between the two main classroom wings which stick out like spokes from the Commons area (cafeteria/stage/open space), but it is only accessible … Continue reading

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New Building

We moved into a new building this year, which has been really overwhelming to me. There’s something about a blank slate that really stressed me out. I finally feel like I’ve made some good progress, and I stopped at the … Continue reading

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(In Mrs. Weasley’s Voice): Where HAVE YOU BEEN?

I’ve been busy! Very busy! I now have two years under my belt at the school mentioned in my previous posts, and am gearing up for a third year. I looped with my students the past two years, teaching first … Continue reading

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Change is in the air…

We are a week into school, and changes are afoot. You may recall that one of the classes I teach this year is 6th grade Math Lab.  Note: Math Lab classes used to be called “Math Support” and are designed to … Continue reading

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